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Credit affects every area of our lives, from the type of house you live in, to the car you drive and even to the kind of job you can get. It's no question that it's vital to keep your credit and credit score at the highest level possible. Don't let a poor credit score keep you from living the life you deserve. Let us help you take measures to maintain and restore your credit today!

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Your Credit Repair Solution 

At ILC Financial Services we have two solutions to help you restore and repair your credit. For those of you who may just have one or two items that need to be removed or deleted then we have a DIY or DO-IT-YOURSELF service.

And for those who have more items that need to be removed or deleted and you need the help of a trained professional then we have our DFY or DONE-FOR-YOU service. 


Custom Service To Fit Your Needs


If you have the time and you only have one or two items to dispute on your credit report, then it may be best for you to do-it-yourself.

We have put together a professional credit repair kit, using the same exact strategy and dispute letters used by our professional credit repair specialists that will allow you to restore and repair your credit on your own saving you money.

When you purchase the kit you'll also get access to support from one of our specialists who will answer any questions you have and help guide you through the process.


Being a premiere financial service company and knowing that our customers are what matters most we have partnered with Lexington Law, the #1 Credit Repair company in the nation to provide our customers the best possible service and outstanding results.

As the trusted leader in credit report repair, Lexington Law has helped over 600,000
clients confront their poor credit. Our service is so effective that our average participating Concord clients have seen 84.5% of their questionable negative items deleted from their credit reports within one year.

With over 19 years of experience we offer Free Telephone support, Free Initial Consultation, NO Hidden Fees and Proven Results.

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